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Hardcore gay bondage tortures

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Never follow the harsh looking guy that comes to you in the street and offers drug or chicks. You have a full risk to become that chick and endure extreme all male bdsm torments he’s prepared for you. This handsome married man fell victim to that harsh gay bdsm top who decided to destroy his male virginity plunging a poor boytoy into the world of extreme gay men bondage domination.
Did you know what this poor slave was afraid of like hell? Foot tickling! The submissive fucktoy put in full body bondage and red gagged was tied to the bench while his cruel gay bondage top viciously rubbed his tender feet. This straight agonized with laughter, with tears being on his pale face.
That torture made his harsh dominanant master really horny and he submitted his slavetoy to the new gay bdsm torment he prepared…

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Straight lad fucked with a dildo

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Extreme gay male tortures for this poor straight lad have just begun. After hard foot tickling it’s time to try out some ass fucking machine with a new submissive toy. He screams and squirms as he sees that monstrous dildo near his crack but tight bondage doesn’t let him move. That dildo quickly hauls to and fro in his tight butt making him whine helplessly biting his mouth gag.
However, his dominators are not satisfied seeing his buttock are not engaged into gay bdsm sex activity. One of cruel male bondage beasts takes a cane and begins mercilessly striking the tender arse of his human puppy.Poor slave shivers in agony, sobbing loudly, while his butt looks like glows with dark red stripes. He suffers from unbearable pain…but it’s still nothing compared to extreme bondage tortures waiting for him…

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